Monday 16 April 2012

Please Can You Help?

I'm having one or two research difficulties. Well, one in particular:

I have a rather good character, who plays a pretty crucial role in the early stages of the story. Sadly, though, he is still just a designation in square brackets, because I can't find an appropriate name.

The problem is that he's a Maasai, so I need a Maasai name for him.

I did, in fact, manage to find a list of Maasai names, but I'm reliably informed that  in Maasai culture, meanings of names generally matter, and only a handful of the names listed had meanings listed, and none of those few suited.

So please, if you know any traditional Maasai boys' names, or the meanings to any of the names on the list, please tell me.

(UPDATE: I called him Sabore, though I don't know what it means or how to pronounce it)


  1. I wish I knew more about this. I hope you'll find the perfect name. I always end up renaming my characters halfway through the story lol

  2. P.S. The winners for the Senack Writing Contest will be announced on 4/20. Thanks for entering.

  3. Massai names I find to be attention holding, fun and easy to remember, (you want your character to be remembered for a long time) Akram, Askel Jotu..
    Good luck and best inspiration!