About Tea For Two

First of all, the title. I don't like it much. My brother talked me into it, and since then I've alternated between loving and loathing it, but at least it made sense at first. All the more obvious variations and plays on forty-two were taken, and originally this was a life, the universe, and everything blog.

Now that it's a writing-focussed blog, it feels a bit stupid.

It's not absolutely writing-focussed, though: I do still post about all kinds of stuff from time to time. But it's mainly writing.

This isn't the blog of an experienced, expert writer, dealing out advice and educated opinions to the less-informed. I currently have one short story published, and plenty of embryonic novels but only one which I've ever finished writing, and that one is still in the self-editing phase. Oh and I've perpetrated a little fanfiction in the past. Discworld.

This blog is charting my journey to (hopefully) becoming a successful author. I'm learning it as I go along, and I'd like to invite you to learn with me. I don't want to come across as pretending to be an expert or to post from any particular position of authority, but I post tips and tricks as I learn them, ideas and opinions as I form them, and updates on my progress.

I'd love for anyone else to share their experiences and journeys as well: comments are extremely welcome, and if you have something longer to say, please do get in touch and ask about guest-posting. I'll be happy to have guests, not least because I'm not the most regular blogger in the world, and some extra posts would be welcome. But also I would love to hear your opinions and ideas, and if we can both sling some extra traffic each other's way, that would be fantastic too.

And above all, please enjoy my blog and I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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