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Got something to say that you don't want to put in the comments? Ask me a question? An idea for a post? Want to listen to me witter on about my cat? Just fancy a chat?

You can email me at

I was going to put one of those fancy 'contact me' forms, but I can't work out how. But I'm sure you can work email by yourself. If not, google it. If you can't work that by yourself, ask the person who turned the computer on for you.

Don't be nervous, I'll be happy to hear from you even if it's not important. Unless you're a spammer. Spammers will be pilloried. But you're not a spammer, right?

You can also follow me on Twitter. I follow back most of my followers, although I don't guarantee it. Feel free to tweet about me and my blog, if you want to. I always try to reciprocate.

And of course you can join this blog. There's a thingy in the sidebar. Click on it. DO IT.

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