Wednesday 11 January 2012

Microsoft Word's Blasted Flaming Spellcheck!

#Amwriting right now, or trying to, and spellcheck is being even more annoying than usual, if that's possible.

It's one of those damned if you do.. things. Turn it off, and typos slip through, leave it on and you soon realise it has a relatively limited vocabulary and knows nothing at all about grammar. Completely ignores half the genuine mistakes, and then goes and complains about (prize example) 'exclusive street' not being capitalised, because apparently it's not acceptable to put an adjective before the word 'street' unless it's the name of the road.

Worst of all is writing speech. Characters don't always speak in good grammar, they contract words and phrases that the computer isn't used to being abbreviated, and don't even get me started on writing dialect.

Little wriggling red and green worms, everywhere; everywhere, I tell you!


  1. Word is just as bad for writing notes for school. Geez Word, 99% of the time I'm just writing for myself, and myself doesn't care that half the things I type are sentence fragments! How many people get any benefit from Word pointing out sentence fragments? Why does it still even HAVE that feature?

    1. The grammar check is aimed at formal writing, I think. Maybe it should have a 'relaxed' setting or something. You can customise it to a certain extent, and I have mine set up to ignore fragments, but it's still a nightmare sometimes.