Tuesday 31 January 2012

Food Experiments that Worked: Pizza Sandwich

No, it's not two slices of pizza sandwiched together.

I invented it when I had going-stale tortilla wraps to use up. It's pretty tasty, easy to make, and reasonably healthy depending on how much cheese you add. As healthy as any other cheese sandwich, anyway. Thought I'd share the recipe.

Ingredients: tortilla wrap, tomato purée, grated cheese
Equipment: table knife, microwave

Spread tomato purée over half the wrap, sprinkle with cheese and fold over.
You should now have a semi-circle. Spread more tomato purée over half, sprinkle with more cheese and fold over.
You should now have a quarter circle.
Make as many as you want, then microwave for about thirty seconds on high - until the cheese melts.

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