Friday 24 February 2012

Could it Be... A Circadian Rhythm?

I have always been an insomniac: when I was younger I used to suppose that all the stuff they put in books about 'She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.' was not even hyperbole but pure nonsense; although it seems not, since the average person, apparently, falls asleep in fourteen minutes. Seriously? Half an hour is unusually swift for me.

And probably as a result, I am not usually an early bird. I usually wake up still tired and just want to doze for ... as long as possible, really.

But I seem to have overcome this by a simple solution:
going to bed on time.

And before you say, 'What have you been doing all these years, not to try that?' I mean on time, not late, not early either. I've only managed it a few times, and I need to do some further trials, but it seems there's a window of about half an hour, from about 1:45 to 2:15 in the wee small hours, when I will get to sleep fairly quickly, and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, early in the morning.

This morning, I had a nine o'clock lecture, which for me means getting up at half seven, minus ten minutes extra to have time to make sandwiches and load the latest version of my novel onto my memory pen to work on it in the three hours free I have on Fridays, and I didn't go to bed until two.

Best morning ever!

Not just painless, I actually enjoyed it! Woke up at seven, twenty minutes of cuddling my hot water bottle (bonus of five hours of sleep: it's still hot in the morning)  and reading, and then I was happy to get up; had a lovely shower, filling bowl of oats and even and coffee - not usually time for that on a nine o'clock start morning! Which I ate and drank in a leisurely fashion while checking my email, rather than bolting it down in three minutes flat - and a lovely lot of things in my inbox too, twitter followers and blog comments and stuff. Then I had time to make a packed lunch, rather than rushing out the house and having to buy food in town, so that's a tastier, healthier, and much cheaper lunch. And had plenty of time to remember everything and be out the house at the time intended rather than five minutes after hoping a bus turns up quickly. And through all of it experiencing the other side of the old adage 'more haste less speed'. And I'm still perky and not at all worn out, approaching midnight.

Do you know, I think I might actually be ...*gasp*... a morning person!

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