Tuesday 20 December 2011

Pearls of Wisdom: Water Your Christmas Tree

It's almost Christmas and I expect that a fair proportion of my readers will be celebrating it as either a religious or national holiday. I suspect that a fair few of you will have a Christmas tree.
If it's a real one, water it. You can find stands that hold the tree upright in a reservoir which you can fill with water. We got one a few years ago, and as well as being a good stand - doesn't fall over - the tree seems to keep its needles better.
My other tip is to shop around. We usually get a very nice tree at a very reasonable price from a couple of blokes who bring a van full of them to Morrisons carpark.

If you have an artificial tree, it won't want watering, probably comes with a stand and you'll only have to buy one once. But it won't smell of pine.


  1. We just got a tree. It is so fun. Now I just need to remember to water it. Last year I forgot one day and it died quickly lol Poor tree. It looked so funny, like the Grim Reaper hovered over our presents on Christmas day ;)

  2. Wow, ours don't usually die that quickly.
    Nice to have you here. :)