Saturday 29 October 2011

Reader Response Question of the Week: Sci-Fi and Vampires

What do people think of the idea of a novel about scientifically plausible vampires?
I'm talking humanoid - externally indistinguishable, or very nearly - creatures, though mentally, emotionally and culturally very different. Immortal blood-drinkers that reproduce by turning humans into vampires. Based on more-or-less theoretically plausible science: I don't claim it to be absolutely adamantine, but firm enough to stand on, with care.
I welcome all thoughts and comments.


  1. Scientifically plausible vampires is a great concept. Would they tolerate sunlight as well as mortals? Or would their biology make them more susceptible. Could they really be immortal? Perhaps they would age at such a slow rate that they seem to live forever, but ultimately perish. Lots of story material here, for sure.

  2. I think I can tell you a bit more without spoiling the story. They are truly immortal - but far from indestructible - I have the science for this, involving stem cells and naked mole rats. Their biology does indeed make them very sensitive to UV light, and a lot of conditions that humans can easily adapt to. They are much more specialised. In the past they were usually mostly nocturnal, but with the advent of high-factor sunscreen, it has become a matter of culture and personal choice.
    I claim I made it all up, but you'll have to take my word for it. They could be real. I claim I've taken great care that they could be real, for all you know, I just asked one.
    Thank you very much for the comment - and the tweet - it's a wonderful ego boost to get your second ever comment.